I am a reverend, teacher, and supervisor at Grace Community School. I am also a senior team member of our organization, and that means I get to wear a few different hats.

One of the hats I have been wearing increasingly over the past few years has been as marketing manager at Grace Community School.

It is in this capacity that I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be doing an ongoing series of episodes on the Preschool Pioneers podcast, the official podcast of the Grace Community School Apprenticeship Program. The series is called Marketing, Advertising, and Branding your Christian School. I am proud of what I’ve done with our advertising programs at GCS, and I’m happy to have this opportunity to share some of my knowledge with an interested audience.

In the process of honing my advertising skills, I’ve become something of an advertising apologist, so I’ll be explaining the reason for why advertising is so important in addition to giving a lot of practical advice on marketing subjects. I’ve got a wide range of topics planned including social media marketing, Google AdWords, video marketing, direct mail, and branding.

If you are a Christian school entrepreneur or you’d like to be one, this is information you need to know. As we say in the introduction to the series, “Nothing happens until a sale gets made, and a sale doesn’t get made without advertising.”

See the podcast series here.